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Mmmm interesting facts.... DH and I are about the most boring salt of the earth people you could meet. What you see is what you get with us. DH loves to cook. I like to cook. DH loves to shop for groceries. I don't like to shop for groceries. DH and I both like to garden and are enjoying so much we missed out on over the years of raising the girls and life revolving around them. I am getting back to my crafting roots that went dormant over the past 25 years and I can't get enough of them!

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    AG, I "lurk" in Payroll every morning, and I just had to add an "Amen" to your comment about shipping gifts!  My daughters and grandchildren live in DC; we alternate Christmas celebrations, one year here, one year there--for years, now, I've budgeted a lot at Christmas for shipping the toys and gifts back to them (alternate years, though, I have to budget airfare!)  Have a great day--Eilerse
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    So glad you enjoy the pix. I thought you as a gramma would like to see our baby girl growing up. Yeah tv going and no one even muted the thing. Glad the routine is settling in,. I know some days I do just he magic minimums and feel like that is a struggle. But the dog must be fed. The laundry must be done. The dinner must be cooked and the dishes done. So I have 4 D's not 3! It will get better. I promise. And some days we forget and fluff not dry! Or load the dw w/ soap and forget to push start.

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    Cheryl - yes I got the pattern and it is perfect. I am going to make a copy of it and then get it sent back to you. That pattern is quite old. I looked at the price of the pattern. I do not think patterns sell for 2.50 anymore. :lol
    Thank you so much. I hope Katie has that baby soon. I know what it is like being ready to deliver in the summer heat. Like I said before, beep knee squats. :lol
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